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The Veterans Track. 

Your Recovery Journey is available here! 


At Archstone Counseling & Treatment we have the expertise to help heal those who have protected our nation. Entering our Intensive Outpatient program often marks the beginning of a transformative journey toward recovery and renewed well-being. Our therapy groups provide structure, community, and a safe space to learn, connect, and  grow as an individual to be able to  navigate the path to a substance-free future.  While we currently offer IOP for Substance Use Disorder primary diagnoses, we integrate trauma informed information into our groups.  Our treatment is very dual diagnosis focused and clients seem to appreciate addressing their issues comprehensively.  

We integrate individual sessions and techniques into our program to include EMDR therapy and LENS neurofeedback when clinically appropriate.   These additional therapeutic treatments and techniques are voluntary, but they can be a valuable addition to addressing issues associated with grief, trauma, PTSD, chronic pain and other mental health issues.  

Service members and first responders provide protection and care to countless people who rarely get the chance to understand your sacrifice or to be in a position to say thank you for what you’ve done!  By giving us the opportunity to help you in your recovery you are giving us the gift of giving back.  Your service to others may have cost you in terms of health and well being.  It is our honor to assist you in healing from your past and planning for a future that is right for you at this point in your journey.  


As a medic in the Army, and later in the National Guard, I have lived experience and have been in situations where soldiers needed medical attention in the field as well as on base.  My life partner, also a Veteran, and has endured traumatic experiences through military service that caused severe PTSD that so many Veterans experience. This has deepened my life experience in understanding the magnitude that adversity sometimes takes. It has also solidified my commitment and belief in healing.  I know for sure that people can and do heal and lives do get better. My experience is not the same as each of yours, but it informs my decisions as a therapist  and as the Clinical Director at Archstone.  

One way my lived experience impacts Archstone Counseling is that all of the therapists and staff members, including our admin staff, are people who have the lived experiences of many lifetimes.  We all have faced various challenges, hardships and have sought help when needed.  Our goal is not to present a facade of being finished with our healing journey, but to invite you to join us as we walk a part of our journey with you.  We have tools and know a way out of the darkness.  We won’t say it will be easy, or effortless.  I’ve learned from the universe that I don’t always know the time frame that healing will take.  I do know that it takes longer when I put it off.    It’s easy to reach out today to our staff members and discover how our Intensive Outpatient Program can bring positive change to your life or the life of a someone important to you.

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